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Custom 3D Printing Service

XDFour is the Source for Fast, High Quality 3D Printing Services in the NYC, NJ, CT Area

3D Printing Services at Fast Turnaround Times
Have an idea you want take from paper to reality? We turn thoughts and drawings into physical products. Using the latest technologies, we produce stunning 3D models and components at an affordable price – and with fast turnaround times. We quickly engineer 3D prototypes, sculptures, architectural models, mockups and more.

Custom Finishing of Your 3D Product

You have a number of custom finishing options with XDFour. Choose from hand sanding, surface treatments, paint, and more. XDFour is committed to providing you with a full 3D product – from form to finish – ready for presentation and/or testing.

How the 3D Process Works

Step 1. Each project starts with a digital file.
Step 2. From file to printer. We convert the three dimensional volume of the file to into thin sections and paths that the printer can read using software. Each 3D model is made by building up layer after layer of material.
Step 3. Our professional staff then finished your 3D printed part based on the level you require. From sanding to resin finished to completed painting and gloss coatings.

Call us today and get started taking your idea from concept to reality with 3D printing.