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Custom Themed Environments and Rooms

Custom Themed Environments and Rooms

XDFour brings imagination to life. As a full service themed environments company, we handle your project from design to fabrication to installation. Whether you are looking to transform a single room in your home or plan a themed environment for your business, we take the spark of your imagination and turn it into a fantastic fireworks display. The end result is a dynamic environment that delivers memorable experiences.
Callahan's Restaurant, Norwood, NJ
Custom Themed Environments and Rooms for NJ, NYC and CT by XDFour
Custom Themed Environments and Rooms for NJ, NYC and CT by XDFour

Our services include:

  • Consultation. We meet with you to discuss your ideas and vision.
  • Planning. Once your concept has been clearly identified, we plan how to best bring it to life through color, 3D sculptures, signage, murals, etc.
  • Design. XDFour's artists will produce illustrations, renderings and drawings depicting the concepts outlined during the planning stage so you can see how the end product will look before we even start production. All of our artwork is 100% original based on our consultation and your suggestions or requests. We design specifically for each unique space. The materials we use are adaptable based on the environment and design.
  • Production. Our team of fabricators and installers then get to work transforming your space from concept to reality, using such applications as CNC routing, 3D printing, and flatbed printing.

XDFour's Themed Environments and Rooms are Only Limited by Your Imagination

Whether you are a production company looking for a custom built set, an entrepreneur starting a themed restaurant, or an individual who wants a really cool room in their home, we can bring your ideas to life. We create themed environments for practically any budget. The only limits are those within your own mind.

XDFour can create themed environments for:

    Doctor's offices
    Medical Centers
    Production studios
    Conference Centers
    And more

Call today and get started on a creating an engaging space that will get people talking.