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XDFour Is Your Single Source for Vehicle Wraps & FLEET GRAPHICS

Vehicle Wrap NJ, NY, CT By XDFour


Vehicle Wrap for NJ Business by XDFour

In today's competitive market, advantages are tough to come by. I'd strongly recommend vehicle wraps installed by XDFour as a means to stand apart from competitors. For the cost of one month's rental on a stationary billboard, we'll have a mobile advertising message and impact graphics that'll travel with us for 60-72 months. A vehicle wrap is by far the best advertising value out there. - Jim Wagner, ConnectedContractor.com & The Estate Window Cleaning Company


Vehicle Wraps by New Jersey based XDFour

XDFour, LLC is an excellent company that provides state-of-the art service. We had our company van wrapped and are extremely satisfied with the results. - John Dubil, AliGraphics

Vehicle Wraps for CT, NJ, NY by XDFour

Working with XDFour on the design of our vehicle wrap was fun! I was able to get exactly what I had pictured in my head on the vehicle. I believe this is the best way to advertise. The fit to the vehicle is outstanding. I believe it's money well spent. - Andrew Rowan Parts Manager Interstate Toyota / Scion

Vehicle Wrap for NJ Business by XDFour

I was very impressed on XDFour's professionalism with customer service and artwork. The total experience from talking to their sales reps, following up with my company via email, the quality of the art work, the package explaining all the warranties on the product, right down to the thank you follow up we received after the job was completed. Great job XDFour! - Master Paul Melella,United Martial Arts Centers

Is Your NY, NJ or CT Company Looking for a Powerful Business Building Campaign?

Your NY, NJ or CT business will get noticed with a vehicle wrap by XDFour. It's the most cost-effective way to advertise, market and brand your company. From individual car wraps to fleet advertising wrap campaigns, we provide turnkey mobile marketing and advertising for businesses of any size.

With XDFour's wraps, you'll get a great return on investment. Check out our Portfolio of truck, trailer, van, car, SUV, bus, motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, and custom wraps.

Your Business is Too Important to Put Your Vehicle Wrap in the Hands of Just Anyone

Our experienced in-house vehicle wrap team designs, prints, installs and offers a warranty under one roof.  And you can have piece of mind knowing that XDFour is a certified Avery wrap installer

AT XDFour Your Wrap Project Has 4 Stages

Design: The design of your wrap is crucial to the ultimate success of the campaign. Your design needs to take several factors into account, such as target market, branding, service and campaign longevity. This stage cannot be done by an amateur. A seasoned professional will work with you to develop a "killer" design to increase business and blow away the competition.

Printing: The vinyl used on your wrap is also a crucial component to the process. Color integrity, fading, peeling, cracking and compromised longevity are all trouble areas that can be avoided by using quality materials. Insist on the highest quality materials like Avery Supercast Vinyl Wrap material.

Installation: Your ROI dollars will be based on the longevity of the wrap. So be sure to consider the installer when making this important decision. Choosing an Avery Certified installer will ensure the vehicle is properly prepped and the vinyl is installed to the manufacturer's specifications. This is the ONLY way to guarantee a vehicle wrap.

Warranty: There are typically two warranties you will receive for your vehicle wrap. The installer's warranty for workmanship, and the manufacturer's warranty for the vinyl. The manufacturer's warranty, which protects you in the event of fading, lamination peeling, etc. is typically valid only when installed properly by a certified installer.

Why Choose a XDFour Vehicle Wrap?

Mobile advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising there is. XDFour vehicle wraps will transform your fleet or vehicle into a moving advertisement that works for you around the clock and makes a bold impression on consumers. Traditional, in-home advertising is experiencing a decline in effectiveness and, most importantly, is no longer worth the money you pay. The fact is, outdoor advertising has surpassed traditional methods in effectiveness and cost, and vehicle wrap advertising is the most influential form of outdoor advertising that exists today. XDFour vehicle wraps and fleet graphics are professionally designed and installed by an experienced, knowledgeable staff that is prepared to meet and exceed all your vehicle wrap needs. Our vehicle wraps and fleet graphics are designed in-house by a team of professional graphic designers who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vehicle wrap design and installation is completed to 100% satisfaction.

XDFour is proud to be one of the first Avery Certified Wrap installers. Our staff of installers are highly trained and know how to install Avery vinyl properly while protecting your vehicle.

XDFour is fully insured and our faciltiy is a clean, safe environment.

Who Should Purchase a Vehicle Wrap?

It would be obvious for us to say that everyone should purchase a vehicle wrap. However,the truth is, vehicle graphics are a sound investment for every size business. From small business owners on a tight budget, looking to create buzz by wrapping a car, to the large corporation looking to wrap a fleet of vehicles, vehicle wraps and fleet graphics work for businesses of any size. If you are a small business owner, investing in a mobile billboard just makes sense! Whether you have just one vehicle to wrap or a small fleet of vehicles, why waste the opportunity to constantly promote your business? Turn the advertising space that you already own into a moving billboard that makes thousands of impressions for you each and every day. Ever increasing gas prices can't stop you from driving to and from work. Right now you are losing money every time you commute. Auto graphics and custom vehicle graphics can change your commute from an expense to a profit! A vehicle wrap can create thousands of impressions a day, even if it's just parked in a high traffic area. People will notice your wrapped vehicle and consequently notice your business. Make auto wraps and car graphics work for you. Large corporations have been utilizing mobile advertising for quite some time. Most commercial vehicles employ some form of vinyl decals, lettering or window decals and vehicle magnets. Yet, even large corporations have realized that a full vehicle wrap can vastly enhance the impression they make on consumers and many corporations are beginning to shift towards this trend.